We would love for your child to be a Panther!  Come tour our school and see if our family is right for you!
2023-2024 Tour Dates 
January 6 @ 8:45am
January 10 @ 8:45am
January 18 @ 12:15

If one of the tours doesn't work, please reach out, we can schedule something that does!


Kindergarten Readiness

What should my Kindergartener come to school knowing how to do?
We will meet your child where ever they are at.  These are all things that we love for kids to be able to do, but if they aren't able to on the first day that's no problem.

Play with other kids, share toys and items.

Open containers, bags, snack items
Go to the bathroom independently
Put on their jacket independently-including zippers

Write their name
Hold a pencil or crayon correctly
Count without skipping (the teen numbers can be tricky!)
Use scissors
Identify simple patterns
Know basic colors
Know basic shapes
Sort items by color
Recognize rhyming words-- Cat/bat

Have some knowledge of letters and numbers

Follow 2-3 step directions- get your shoes and put them on

Websites & Resources:

ABC Mouse

Coloring and Cutting

Doulingo ABC (APP)