Air Quality Update: Schools Will Be Open Today (Friday) November 9

August 8, 2023

Dear CRPUSD Families,

We have been monitoring the air quality since this late morning when the smoke from the Butte County fire made its way into our community. Today, students were kept indoors and outdoor activities were suspended. Late afternoon projections for tomorrow’s air quality by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District predicted improved air quality for our area by 7:00 am. However, their predictions have been updated to predict the poor air quality will continue through tomorrow. My decision is to keep our schools open for tomorrow. We will do so because our indoor air systems are of the highest quality and will ensure the quality of our air inside our classrooms is as high as possible during these conditions. We are confident that our schools will provide a safe environment for our students. We will continue to suspend outdoor activities and limit outside exposure for our students.

We also understand that SSU has decided to close their campus for tomorrow. This means, for Tech High Students, that their campus will also be closed. However, we will have an alternate location for these students at Tech Middle School for a half day program. THS should come to TMS at 8:00 am. All students will please report to the library. Staff will direct them to the available classrooms. THS students will be released at 12:30 pm.


Tony Roehrick
Interim Superintendent