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Welcome to our Distance Learning Student Expectations!

As we navigate the world of virtual education, it's essential to establish certain guidelines for a successful and enriching experience. By prioritizing safety, respect, responsibility, and kindness, we can create a positive online learning environment where everyone can thrive. Let's embrace this new learning adventure with enthusiasm and dedication to make the most of our virtual classroom.

Be Safe

  • Only use the websites your teacher gives you
  • Keep your passwords safe & to yourself
  • Keep your device in a safe place

Be Respectful

  • Calm Body
  • Eyes watching
  • Ears listening
  • Voice level 0 (Muted) unless you are the speaker
  • Use the raise your hand feature

Be Responsible

  • Be an active participant
  • Have a charged Device
  • Be on time
  • Have materials ready
  • Come prepared-watch any videos assigned before the meeting
  • Stay on topic in the chat box
  • Eat before and after your meeting
  • Wear school dress code

Be Kind

  • Give a smile
  • Encourage each other