Behavior Expectations by Location





Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Kind

MU: Assembly

*Hands to self

*Walking feet

*Criss-Cross Applesauce


*Applaud when appropriate

*Listen when someone is speaking

*Remove hats and hoods


*Focus on the presentation


*Stay seated



*Encourage speakers, performers, or award winners

MU: Lunch

*Walk at all times

*Give others personal space

*Sit while eating

*Eat your own lunch

*Raise your hand before getting up

*Listen to all adults

*Use appropriate voice level so lunch workers can hear student’s answers

*Keep hands and feet to yourself

*Throw away your trash from table and floor

*Cleaning up your eating place

* Line up and wait your turn


*Give personal space

*Say ‘please’ & ‘thank you’ to our lunch workers

*Apologize when needed

Quad: Lunch

*Sit where a yard duty can see you

*Keep an open walking space

*Respect yard duty as a teacher

*Listen to the yard duty’s directions

*Say a polite “Hello” (only) to passing Kinder students

*Pick up your trash

*Return red basket to bin

*Place lunchbox in teacher bucket



  1. Stand and pick up garbage
  2. Wait to be dismissed
  3. Walk to throw away trash
  4. May run after lunchbox/ bin/ trash thrown away

*Pick up other’s trash


*Offer to sit with someone who needs a buddy

Computer Lab

*Walking feet

*Hands and feet to yourself

*Be where you are supposed to be online.


-Ask A/B partner first

-Ask Row Captain next

-Raise hand last



*Enter rooms quietly

*Use hand sanitizer when entering room

*Come in, log-in, wait

*Log-out, headphones, wait

* Use appropriate voice

*Head directly to your destination

*Hands-off power cords

*Stay seated with questions. Follow question procedure.

*Hands-on your computer only

*Be kind online and offline (no cyberbullying)


*Walking feet

*Hands and feet to self




*Use appropriate voice level


*Leave food and drink outside


*Put materials in their place

* Return library books on time.

*Ask questions if you are unsure of the directions

*Return missing or misplaced library books

*Help the librarian if needed


During class

*Walking at all times

*Letting teacher know when leaving the classroom

* Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

*Quietly listening to others

*Treat classroom materials correctly

*Maintain inside voice

*Finish work

*Keep indoor areas clean & organized

*Enter & exit rooms quietly

*Be kind to others

*Include everyone

*Help clean & maintain classroom supplies




*Walking feet

*Hands and feet to yourself


*Walk quietly

*Quiet waves

*Take care of our school

*Enter rooms quietly

* Silent voice level to conversational voice

*Head directly to your destination

*Leave your personal belongings in classroom









*Hands and feet to yourself

*Line up right away when the whistle blows

*Running games stay on the grass

*When running on blacktop watch for others

*Use kind words and actions

*Use I Statements

*Recess voice


*Use equipment properly

*Put equipment away when you are done

*Be patient in line

*Be a problem solver




*Include others

*Ask others to join your game



Before School

*Hands and feet to yourself

*Run in run areas only

*Hangout away from walking/

running area

*Follow foot traffic

*Lock your bikes in rack

*Listen to teachers on duty

*Use kind words and actions

*Recess voice

*Line up when the bell rings

*Stay on the blacktop







After school

*Make sure your adult knows where you are

*Play only while supervised

*Stay on the playground/ grass

*Avoid classrooms

*Recess voice

*Continue to follow recess expectations

*Follow pick-up/ after school plan with adult







*Walking only

*Quiet voice level

*Give people privacy


*Flush toilet

*Wash hands with soap and water

*Put your paper towel in the trash can

*Head back to class

*Wait your turn

*Put a paper towel that wasn’t yours in the trash

Parking lot: Drop off and Pick Up

*Pick up/drop off against yellow curb

*Keep seat belt fastened until car stops

*Wait until car is stopped to get out

*Look both ways

*Use crosswalk

*Walking feet in parking lot


*Pull forward in the red zone

*Park in the parking spaces

*Conversational and public speaking voice

*Have belongings ready to go


*Say goodbye to your driver

*Say good morning

*Apologize if needed




*Listen to instructions


*Cooperate with others and be helpful

*Follow the rules of the game


*Be prepared for class-wear proper footwear and bring a positive attitude


*Appropriate voice level for activity

*Put away equipment properly


*Follow safety tips to keep yourself and your classmates from getting hurt










*Run in run areas only

*Walking feet in classroom

*Use supplies and equipment appropriately

*Listen to adults & follow instructions

*Follow the rules of the game

*Appropriate voice level for activity

*Keep all belongings in your cubby

* Put

supplies and equipment away

*Include all

*Encourage others

*Be helpful to your peers

*Play fairly

The Office

*Walk in


*Hands and feet to yourself


*Use the nurse’s room and try to keep it clean



*Walk in quietly


*Wait for office staff to help you


*Wait patiently


*Take turns talking


*Use a conversational voice


*Clean up any spaces you may have used



*Head directly to the office


*Bring a note with you, if possible


*Use your words










*Use your words


*Say please and thank you